Once upon a time...

I'll never forget the first time I heard a song that sounded as if it was written about my life. Realizing there's someone else out there that feels exactly how you feel is  m a g i c a l.

At the time, I wondered what would happen if I could do that...if instead of locking away my diary entries, I shared them. So I started writing songs. Nearly every person, place, and cherished memory of mine became a lyric.

I started playing my songs for rooms of strangers, standing on stages starry-eyed as I opened for artists that inspire me most. I remember the night I opened for Kate Voegele & Tyler Hilton, as I sang lyrics that came straight from my diary, I locked eyes with so many in the room that understood the stories I was telling. I realized all at once, I had created the magic I felt when I fell in love with music for the first time. 



It’s Still You is a small collection of songs that tell the story of how it feels when your heart relentlessly pulls you back to the same person. It’s a peek into the pages of my diary, a glimpse of my dearest memories, and a piece of my heart. 

As I reflect on the creation process of these songs - from the very first sparks that flew to the days I spent in the recording studio last summer - I’ve come to realize something I’ll never forget:

Whether we’re on cloud nine or longing for the courage to tell someone we love them, we’re supposed to feel the way we feel. There’s no use in being afraid of what our hearts tell us.